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OCCK Policy Manuals

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Last update: 7/31/15

Risk Management Minutes

Quarterly Calendar

General Personnel Regulations

Volume 1

Table of Contents

Organizational Management


Direct Services

20. OCCK, Inc. Admissions Policy

21. Community Employment

22. Solution Outreach Center

23. Service Coordination

24. Individualized Planning

24.5 Behavior Management

27. Case Records

28. Infant Toddler

29. Forms (The forms located in this section are forms that have been approved by management. The use of these forms is optional and these forms are considered to be tools that are available for use at the discretion of each employee.)

30. Electronic Data Management

31. Financial Management Service

32. Senior Care Act Payroll Provider

33. Transportation


35. Direct Services (includes client records and confidentiality)

36. Training Stipends

37. Residential Services

38. Maintenance

Manufacturing Management

50. Manufacturing Policies/Records

51. Sales/Marketing

Fiscal Management

61. Payroll

62. Insurance

63. Assets/Inventory

64. Purchasing

65. Budget Planning

Personnel Management

70. Personnel Administration and Records

71. Employee Development

72. Recruiting/Selection/Hiring

80. Safety and Health

InMyHome Procedures



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