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Children's Services

Our commitment to children is evident through the many ways we have incorporated children into our day-to-day services. Children's services are available through Independent Connection, Case Management, Solution Outreach Center, and Infant Toddler Services.

Finding services for your child, especially a child with a disability, can be complicated and frustrating. It is overwhelming not knowing what resources are out there, who to talk to, and whether there is any kind of support available. Who can you turn to? OCCK is the resource for you!

OCCK Inc. understands the importance of supporting children and therefore we have worked hard to create an array of services to meet those needs. Our staff has access to resources through other families, specialized training, and our own families. Our experience and training has come through personal experiences and from the people we work for.

Whether you are trying to find a piece of adaptive equipment, needing support to navigate systems, or just needing to talk, OCCK is here for you.

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