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Money-Saving Products from OCCK

Save on Quality Products Manufactured with OCCK Care

OCCK products are made by our expertly trained and supervised employees using modern equipment and manufacturing techniques. Our workplaces are carefully maintained, climate controlled facilities that meet or exceed all applicable OSHA regulations. You can be sure that the OCCK brand stands for top-quality products made by disciplined employees working in clean, efficiently run, safe, and supportive environments.

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Ice Bags

ice bag

OCCK Ice Bags - Save up to 75% on reusable cold/hot Ice Bags

All five premium bag styles come sealed in individual packaging, ready-to-use. Order by phone for bulk, case, or point-of-purchase sale. Call 785-827-9383.

Comfort Cushions

variety of styles of comfort seat cushions manufactured by OCCK, Inc.

OCCK Comfort Cushions - Sit comfortably for hours on these economical Inflatable Vinyl Seat Cushions

Comfort Cushions come in round and oval shapes with a handle for easy carrying from home to car to workplace. Order by phone for bulk, case, or point-of-purchase sale. Call 785-827-9383.

Event and Promo Buttons

OCCK Event and Promotional Buttons

OCCK Event and Promo Buttons - Create buzz with Custom Buttons…and save!

Classic 2 ¼ inch diameter buttons show off your design, message, or logo under a scratch-resistant Mylar cover. Upload your design and order online for extra-fast turnaround. Please do not send .pdf files.



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